Relevant components of baseline

I am trying to get a report that shows the computers that are relevant for a baseline as well as the names of the components of that baseline are relevant for those computers.

(name of item 1 of it & "~" & name of item 0 of it) of (source fixlets of components whose (include in relevance flag of it)of component groups of bes fixlets whose (baseline flag of it AND name of it = "XXXXXXXXXXX"), bes computers) whose (relevant (item 1 of it, item 0 of it))

This is what I have so far and it works, but the problem is that it evaluates the component’s source fixlet which doesn’t work once the source fixlet becomes superseded. I need this to display the name of the components that are relevant, not their source fixlets.

Is that possible? thanks

Perhaps I’m not understanding exactly what you’re looking for, but how about something like:

(name of item 0 of it | "n/a" & "~" & item 1 of it) of (elements of applicable computer set of it, name of it) of components whose (include in relevance flag of it) of component groups of bes baselines whose (name of it = "XXXXXXXXXXX")

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yes, you got it. thanks

how do i create this in my baseline?? please help kindly

Hi Romel, what is it that you’re trying to do or achieve? It might be best to create a new/separate topic…