Relevance with services makes whole baseline not relevant

Hi, So we have a fixlet that disables adobe updater after it gets the latest patch.

But I was trying to write the fixlet so its only relevant if it the service is running versus just installed.

Now normally my baselines will check a relevant before skipping them, IE: adobe reader patch after installing it goes relevant etc…

But for some reason when I have the relevance to check if the service isn’t running it makes the whole baseline not relevant no matter how I’ve worded the relevance. Is this a bug in bigfix? We are a couple versions behind but I can’t image i’m the only one doing this. :slight_smile:

Applicability for components in a Baseline should be independent of the overall Baseline relevance.

Where are you placing that relevance check? In the individual fixlet for Adobe, or in the Baseline relevance?

If a component’s relevance evaluates as an error, rather than false, it can cause the baseline to appear not relevant.

the weird part is, I can use the fixlet with the relevance and it doesn’t come back as an error. Its only when I attach it to the baseline is when I have the problem.

To be clear, are you updating the baseline’s relevance, or just adding a component with this relevance to the baseline?

I recently collaborated with someone who was adding a known-good relevance to baseline relevance, but the combination produced an error; in that case the relvance was producing a plural boolean, which works by itself but causes an error when combined with the and statement.

component baseline only. -> (exists service “AdobeARMService” AND ((start type of service “AdobeARMservice”) as string) != “disabled”) OR (exists service “AdobeARMService” AND ((state of service “AdobeARMservice”) as string) != “Stopped”) OR exists scheduled task “Adobe Acrobat Update Task” does evaluate on all target machines to false. so doesn’t throw an error. But after the patch is applied it will evaluate to true.

Also, if the 2nd component is relevant the baseline will activate, But if the 2nd component isn’t relevant it goes non relevant. Even if the 1st component is relevant.

I’ll try to post back with more detail later, but hope this is helpful.

The Fixlet should make the baseline relevant when it returns True, not False.

Check that the first baseline component is a Fixlet. If it is a Task, by default a Task won’t make a baseline relevant. If the first component is a task and you do want it to make the baseline relevant, edit the baseline, expand that component, and check the “include in baseline relevance” checkbox.

The “normal” use case might be to have an application patch Fixlet that makes the baseline relevant, perhaps with a Task before and after the fixlet to stop & restart an affected service. You would only want the Baseline to be relevant when the patch fixlet is needed, so the Tasks only restart the services when the update is needed.

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Thanks, that helps a lot and I now completely understand the issue I was having.

The first fix is definitely not a fixlet it is a task and the checkbox isn’t checked.

I’ll notice that moving forward in my processes!