Relevance to find out TOTAL DASD

Hi All,

Using relevance how to find out Max size of storage in gb from linux and AIX boxes.

Thanks in advance

We have fairly good relevance references so you should take a look for things like this. See

Other than being a pretty value you can do things like this

Q: volumes
A: /
A: /home
A: /net
T: 7361

Q: sum of total spaces of volumes
A: 499055067136
T: 3281

I am using the same command to gather the total space of Drives in GB. Please see the below Relevance:-

(sum of (total spaces of drives) ) as integer / (1024 * 1024 * 1024)

But my concern here is Dell open Manager shows 836.62 GB as total space of Drives where as IBM BigFix Console shows 820 GB as total space of Drives.

Can anyone please help me why there is different tools are fetching different value.

The Dell Manager will show the Hard Drives rated total capacity, while BigFix will show the size of the addressable volumes. These won’t be the same, but you should be able to get the capacity value more similar to what the Dell Manager will give you using something like SMBIOS or WMI with relevance.

What is DASD ?

DASD stand for direct-access storage device which calculate “Sum of total spaces of drives in GB”