Relevance to check USB attached printer/ scanner / handheld scanner

Hi everyone,

I knew that there have a analysis from external site “Inventory and License” to retrieve information of USB connected device, but i used this analysis and cannot retrieve scanner and handheld scanner information, is it possible to have relevance to check USB attached scanner / handheld scanner ?


what type of scanner is it? often times the USB scanners will not show in PnP devices, however there is usually a secondary option to pick them up.

What are the details involved?

Hi jgo,

I have two type of scanner ( HP Scanjet 300 Flatbed Photo Scanner and Honeywell 1250g) , I would like show up these device names.when they connected to PC.

Do you see them in WMI or in the windows device manager? Is there anything on the machine that tells you these are there.

With a retail customer years ago we had to go very low level to determine a scanner was local.

Hi jgo,

I unable to see them by some reason, may i know is there any relevance can check on this?

Let’s start the easiest… with finding out what changes when you plug one in. I would boot the machine and then review everything from device manager. then plug the scanner in and see if something anything shows in the device manager…
Sometimes they will show up as a keyboard. If this is the case then we will just dive in through that as an indicator. Else… we may need to review what is available in the registry. Check out what you see around here: ‘(vaues of it as string & names of values of it as string) of keys of keys “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB” of registry’

See if anything shows up here…