Relevance to check Service PAck

HI TEam,
We need a relevance to check service pack for our Win laptop Desktop, Windows servers and Rhel servers, we have to create a custom property for the same.
I will be very helpful if someone share the relevance to check the service pack for the above mentioned OS tpyes?

What you are asking for here is two separate things:

For Windows:

if (exists wmi) then ((string value of property "HotFixID" of it & " | " & string value of property "InstalledOn" of it) of select objects "HotFixID, InstalledOn from Win32_QuickFixEngineering where HotFixID != 'File 1'" of wmi) as string else nothing

For Linux, I’d look at Kernel Versions to see where you are at:

preceding texts of firsts " (" of lines of files "/proc/version"