Relevance Substitution Error in ActionScript of Install or Upgrade Scanner

I ran into an interesting issue with the actionscript of the Install or Upgrade Scanner task in BFI. Toward the bottom of the script is a test for the existence of either a relay service or the main gather service. On a RedHat Enterprise Linux server, this evaluation fails with a DebuggableException: 13RPMChildError. I’ve searched online and found no reference anywhere to this error.

When I see RPMChildErrors like that (usually in BES properties that inspect the RPM database or ‘BES Relay Service Installed’), it is because it didn’t have permissions on the file system.

example: i see this in the bes client log file; Warning: ‘/opt’ does not have world read and execute permission, RPM inspectors may not function.

In my case, the user made a symlink going to /var/opt But the /var/opt had the wrong permissions on it

Thanks for the explanation.