Relevance SQLite New Line

Hi Guys

I’m writing an analysis, but i would like to have a new line after every select:

Q:rows of statement "SELECT Read.hostname || ';' || Read.create_date || ';' || Read.InstanceName || ';' || Read.ReadBytes || x'0a' FROM Read" of sqlite databases of file "x.db" of folder "c:\Apps"

I tried it as a blob x’0a’, as a \n, as a char(10), char(13) … but it doesn’t seem to pick it up.

I test it by performing an SQL-statement on my Database. It’s a custom Analysis with properties, so it’s not a standard Table you have.
(if you’re interested in how I got the table, SQL Analyses Properties )

As always, thank you guys for your help!



(rows of it as string & "%0A%0D") of statement ...


concatenation "%0d%0a" of (rows of it as string) of statement...

@JasonWalker was missing an s

concatenations "%0d%0a" of (rows of it as string) of statement...