Relevance should handle white space, to make it readable

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Title says it all. I really wish relevance was more readable.

If the interpreter ignored white space characters like tab and carriage return, then we could put different clauses on separate lines, we could split up if then else statements with tabs, we could make the world a better place.


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Yea… actually the relevance language doesn’t really care… it is the relevance editor that cares the most… 8.0 has some enhancements in this area (you can separate relevance into multiple clauses).


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If you are using the

Fixlet Debugger

, use the “Single Clause tab” rather than the “QnA Tab”. The former is white space friendly, it even has super-handy Indent and Flatten Relevance buttons which format or de-format your script.

(imported comment written by SY57_Jim_Montgomery)

Okay, that is the hotness. I’ll be sticking with the Fixlet Debugger from now on.