Relevance question (computer name starts with)

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Does any one know a relevance statement I can use for computer group subscriptions, that instead of using Computer Name “contains” GUI pulldown option, I would like to have the ability to do a Computer name “Starts with” option. This is especially important when you have 3 unique letters that only certain computers start with among 100,000 computers. If you choose “contains” GUI pulldown, you’re most likely going to get way more systems joining that group because those letters could occur anywhere in the name with the options we are giving via the GUI options. In the end I only really want those three letters to be relevant if the computer name starts with them. Any help is appreciated!

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Try this for example:

first 3 of computer name = “Your String to search”

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computer name starts with “Whatever”


compuer name as lowercase starts with “something”

or for multiple strings

(it starts with “abc” or it starts with “def”) of (computer name as lowercase)

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Thank you! One thing I wanted to add, is the console doesn’t have “starts with” or “ends with” in the GUI pulldown menus, but web reports does! I would think that it would have been added as a GUI pulldown. I try to create custom relevance as a last resort because I think we can all agree, it’s much easier to read group rules and such when using the easy to view gui pulldowns. Would love to see “starts with” added to the console rules when creating groups for a variety of the options, not just computer name but others too.

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Also, since it hasn’t been mentioned… when you go to make a custom automatic group and are presented with the dialog box, make sure you click on the drop down, then scroll all the way to the top and select “Relevance Expression”. From there, you can enter any custom relevance (like those mentioned above)…

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Thanks Dmoore! I actually use the custom relevance quite a bit, I just didn’t realize there was a “starts with” option that could be used with computer name. Makes sense since I’ve seen that in a lot of relevance language for other things. Also, see my comment above, web reports has the “starts with” pull down menu for filtering computers by name. Strange how it’s not in the console too.