Relevance query output in parts

Hello, we have a question related to BigFix query. We have query like:
((hostname of it, last report time of it, operating system of it ) of applicable computers of it, name of it, category of it, source id of it, source of it, mime field “x-fixlet-product-family” of it,(if name of it contains “(Superseded)” then “true” else “false”)) of bes fixlets whose (display name of site of it equals “Patches for Windows” and display category of it is not contained by set of (“Setting”;“Unspecified”) and category of it is not “Security Advisory”)

Is it possible to retrieve data by smaller portions using pagination(e.g. top, limit, offset)? Or to retrieve it in parts?

You are asking for this info through REST I presume? Just to clarify

Hi. Yes, using REST or SOAP api

We don’t have pagination or batch retrieval capabilities in the API. You would have to divide your query up by pulling fixlet by id ranges, alphabetic name ranges, categories, or release date ranges.