Relevance issue with MS09-024 – Office 2003 SP3 Local/Network Install

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There appears to be an issue with MS09-024 for Office 2003 SP3. We rolled it out to 7000+ machines and they all completed successfully; however we still have 7000+ machines showing relevant for MS09-024. Let me know if you need me to provide any information to track down the issue.



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After manually testing the relevance and patch…the following attached error message is appearing




I have figured out what’s the issue we are having with MS09-024 – Office 2003 SP3 Local/Network Install.

The patch updates the Works Converter files wkcvqd01.dll and wkcvqr01.dll to version 9.8.1117.0. Our current versions of these files are 7.3.616.0.

When you run the patch manually you get the following attached error.

What was odd is when you run Windows Update you don’t even get the option to install MS09-024. So I figured that our version of the works converter was so old that we either were not relevant for the patch or the msp file could only update a newer file. So I went to Microsoft Downloads and downloaded a newer Works Converter that brings our version to 9.7.621.0

After we updated the Works Converter to 9.7.621.0 the MS09-024 patch ran successfully.



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Does this mean the the relevance within the current fixlet (dll versions etc) is wrong, is the older version of Works converter vulnerable to ms09-024 or not ?

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We are also experiencing problems with this fixlet. This fixlet fails on a number of computers after it runs.

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it appears that Big Fix has modified the patch because it is only relevant on a portion of the pcs which it had been this morning…

BTW - I had seen the same results as sdemonte and followed his suggestion and it worked well.

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Yep… Announcement went out this morning: