Relevance for RPM version from file for AIX

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I am on AIX and have run an rpm -qa command to a file. Now that file is populated with rpm names. I would like to write fix let to update if an rpm is at a lower level.

file: “rpm.out”

Contents of file rpm.out


I would like the fix let to relevant if the line of the file rpm.out that contains package is less than package-1.86p6-1. Any help would be appreciated.

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Not to ask what may be a silly question, but why not use the rpm inspectors in the AIX client?

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I tried the rpm but it does not seem to work. I am at version 8.2.1310.0 and this is the results from a qna.

Q: package “sudo” of rpm

E: RPM inspector failed to create symlink

T: 225063

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Might have helped me answer my own question. Looks like I may need to add librpminfo. Don’t know why that did not get added with the TEM client. I am going to work on that theory next. Using inspector will be so much easier.

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Please run qna as root to do these tests in the version you are using. You should find the inspectors work then.

Many things do require you to run as root to work.