Relevance for getting creator of baseline


I am able to get name ,id, creation time and modification time of baseline, but i am not able to get creator and modified user information of baseline.

(name of it, id of it, creation times of it, modification times of it) of bes baseline.

With what name we can get creator and modified person information of baseline?

Thanks in advance.

Try name of issuer of

Pro Tip - a Baseline is still a Fixlet.

Thank you so much. it is working.

one more small help, kindly tell me how to get “last modified by” field also.

Thanks in advance.

Although you can get the issuer, the time issued and the modification time, the ‘Last Modified By’ property visible in the console doesn’t appear to be exposed in the BES Fixlet session relevance class.

properties of type "Bes Fixlet"