Relevance for checking if exists offers

Hi, I’m trying to create a relevance to check a local client having “Pending Offer Acceptance” actions.

The statement below works fine, when I test using fixlet debugger (with “Evaluate Using Local Client Evaluator”)

exist (relevant offer actions of sites)

But I create a fixlet/task/action with this relevence, it doesn’t work.

Anyone knows why this relevance doesn’t work?


I don’t know for sure, but it could be a scope issue, or it could be that those inspectors are not available in that context. Try using relevance substitution in the action script to output results of various relevance queries to a file to see if this appears to be available.

Thank you, James.

I wrote an action script, and it worked fine!

if { exist (relevant offer actions of sites) }
   // do some actions
   // do nothing...