Relevance Expression works in Debugger. Fails on Client

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I am writing my first fixlet and working on the relevance tests. I am able to get them to evaluate to true locally, but they evaluate to false (or show up as fixed) in the client logs.

I have two tests in my fixlet.

(1) exists file “/usr/IBM/HTTPServer/properties/version/IHS.product”

(2) (node value of child nodes of selects “/product/version” of xml document of file “/usr/IBM/HTTPServer/properties/version/IHS.product” as version) < (“” as version)

When I copy that file over from the client to my local workstation and run each relevance clause in the fixlet debugger, they both evaluate to true. However, when I run them on the client they do not evaluate to true. If I remove the second clause (the xml check) then the client will evaluate to true. However, I am pulling that same file over when I do my local tests, so I am not sure why there would be a difference?

I have turned on client debugging to 10000, but I don’t see in the logs where it evaluates each relevance action? Any tips on how I can debug this?


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Are you testing on the same OS as the target?

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Nope. We are testing on windows and deploying on Linux… Fixing the path changes between windows and linux of course.

Is there a Fixlet Debugger for Linux? I didn’t see one.

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noah@nimble:~> export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/BESClient/bin

noah@nimble:~> /opt/BESClient/bin/qna

BESClientConfigPath must be set

BESClientActionMastheadPath not set, using /etc/opt/BESClient/actionsite.afxm

Q: version of client

A: 8.2.1093.0

Q: operating system

A: Linux SuSE Enterprise Desktop 10 (

Q: properties whose (it as string contains “xml”)


Note the lack of a response on the last query. There are no inspectors that contain the string xml: the xml inspectors are Windows only. It’s a known issue that’s in the queue to be fixed… but could be a ways off yet.

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Thanks. I was able to get around it by using string manipulation.

I am encountering the same issue but it is the same OS.
I have actually copied Fixlet debugger on one of the devices and the relevance works as expected if it is set to evaluate using “Local Fixlet debugger evaluator” but does not work properly if it is selected to evaluate using "Local client evaluator"
What is the difference between the 2 types of evaluation?