Relevance and Registry Keys

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I thought I had my relevance correct because my fixlet came back with the proper clients however when I ran it, the clients are still showing it as relevant when I know it shouldn’t be (I verified the key DOES exist).

This one’s simple (for you guys).

not exists key “hklm\software\microsoft\WIndows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\kb943729” of registry or not exists key “hklmsoftware\microsoft\updates\windows xp \sp4\kb943729” of registry

The key DOES exist so why it still showing relevant?

Thanks in advance for you help.


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does the key exist in both locations? you have them OR’d together… so if in either location it doesn’t exist… it’ll come back as true…

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One key or both keys exist?

Also, you are missing a slash in the second one:

“hklm\software\microsoft\updates\windows xp \sp4\kb943729”

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Looks like there is also an extra space in the second string “…\windows xp …”

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The missing slash and space were just typos on my end. Sorry about that. I changed it to AND, instead of OR and it’s now working correctly. Thank you for your help.