Relays not updating with correct relay info for Relay column in TEM console

(imported topic written by SteveRinMa)

I am wondering if anyone else is seeing this problem. When we deploy the client to a new system we need to set our relay selection to manual due to our network setup. After setting the relay, the Relay column in the console is not updating with the correct relay info and still shows the primary server is still listed, but if you go to the summary tab of of a specific system it shows the correct relay info.

This is working correctly for most systems. Here is the code for this column

if ((it does not contain “” and it does not contain “::1”) of name of registration server) then (name of registration server) else if (exists setting “_BESRelay_PostResults_ParentRelayURL” of client and exists value of setting “_BESRelay_PostResults_ParentRelayURL” of client as string) then (preceding text of first “/” of (following text of first “//” of (value of setting “_BESRelay_PostResults_ParentRelayURL” of client))) else “BES Root Server”

This is unchanged since our install, currently running 8.2.1175.0. I have a total of 5,353 clients and about 300 are having this problem, and this is a mix of server and PC’s. Just makes it difficult to determine if the system is going to the correct relay without looking at the summary of each system.