Relays.dat not used in client

Any idea why client is not using the “Relays.dat” for the relayserver and still latching on the root server.


we do have __RelaySelect_Automatic =1.
Any other setting need to fix?

You’ll have to enable BESClient debug logging (fixlet ID 157 in BES Support site) and review the besclientdebug.log for the specific details of your endpoints in question when attempting to perform automatic relay affiliation.

Can you please confirm that ICMP isn’t being blocked by your network? Automatic relay affiliation will not work if ICMP is blocked. I asked this in your other forum post, but don’t see a response from you regarding ICMP.

We do have ping open between the tiers e.g T3 - T3 , T2-T2 and T1-T2. So the relays can talk to each other in respective tiers and clients. We are checking the "_BESClient_Register_Affiliation_SeekList " let see how that goes.

Are the relays being over subscribed? If there are too many clients reporting to it, or too much network traffic, it may just not get the registration request, which would make the client move along.

Its not over subscribed. We have fixed the issue using the Affliliaton setting.

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