Relay Syntax

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Hello All,

I am writing a task to copy the current relay and move it to another volume on our servers. I was curious if there is a comphrehensive list of __Relay commands so that I can make sure that I make the appropriate changes. I plan on stopping the services, creating the new folder structure, pointing to the correct relay and secondary and then point the besrelay service to the new folder structure on a different volume.



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There is a task (id 425) in the BES Support site named ‘Configure BES Relay to Use Different Drive - Version >= 6.0’ that will probably do what you are looking for, want to try using that and see if it works for you?

Otherwise, the easiest way to do the transfer is to just uninstall the BES Relay and reinstall it at the new location. BES Relays are simple to uninstall/reinstall and trying to manually point everything to the right locations is very error prone.

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Thanks sir! That is exactly the syntax I am looking for! I am going to cut and paste some to incorporate this into my job.

I suppose if I were better at searching tasks I may have not needed to post!