Relay Affiliation Candidate?

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Hi All

I’ve deployed the BES Client to some new PC’s

They’re on a different network but can access our server and relay infrastructure.

The BES Client works fine on them, but they’re all reporting directly to the main BES server instead of the relays.

They can all see the relays as I can assign them manually, but when I switch back to automatic they re-attach to the main BES server.

The hop count (Distance To Relay) in BES is currently displaying “” for these workstations.

Are my options here to either assign relays manually or setup relay affiliation?

We try to stay with auto selection in all instances.


Am I correct in assuming the following:

If I create an affiliation group of say 6 relays called MKPrimary:



…and on each of these particular clients set the seeklist as follows:



…then these particular clients will only use the relays in the MKPrimary group, but other clients will still be able to use these relays (facilitated by the * setting on the relays?)… even if they don’t have the seeklist setting, which is what we’d want.

Make sense?



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Hey Steve,

Relay Affiliation is used more for when automatic relay selection is working but not picking the relays you want the clients to, it basically gives you a way to help tune the relay selection algorithm.

In your case, the fact that the client’s return ‘’ for their distance is an indication the ICMP is being blocked for the computers and this causes relay selection to fail altogether. When relay selection fails, clients will fail back to the main BES Server. The fact that you can use manual relay selection to assign the clients to go to relays does indicate that their is a valid path between the agents and the relays but manual relay selection doesn’t require ICMP to work. Thus, you end up with clients using relays but reporting because they are able to contact the relay using tcp but ICMP isn’t able to calculate the distance.

So, most likely something on the network is blocking ICMP or their are firewalls on the agents/relays that is blocking ICMP.

Good luck buddy!