Registration address of client

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I’ve noticed that we are getting an error on some of our machines for the relevance “registration address of client”. The servers that show the error happen to have multiple IPs on the same subnet. The error is “Singular expression refers to nonexistent object.”

We combined this property with relevance from the location wizard, so we are getting unknown segments on any of these servers. Is there a reason this is happening?

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It might be two things:

  1. How many IP addresses do the servers have?

During the agent registration process, only the first 3 detected IP addresses are sent to the relay (which compares them to the “apparent ip address” to determine which adapter the agent is using to talk to the relay). So if there is more than 3 IPs, there is a chance that the relay won’t see the actual IP address the agent is using to talk to the server and thus there won’t be a “registration address of client” recorded. This was done by-design as a tradeoff to avoid sending too many IP addresses for each interaction.

  1. Is there a NAT between the Agent and the Relay?

If so, none of the IP addresses will match the apparent IP address and thus the relay won’t be able to figure out which IP the agent is using.


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Many of the servers have more than 3 detected IPs, but some have only 3 with two on the same subnet/segment, and we aren’t using NAT.

Is there any way to handle these servers? We base a few properties/settings based off of the address, all stemming from the location of the machine. We do have various servers that can move locations (relocating, built in one location to be shipped somewhere else, etc) so creating a setting with location doesn’t really work well for us.

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Can you use the regular IP address or the subnet instead of the “registration address”?


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I am also encountering blank or none result from " registration ipaddress of client" but when i restart the besclient service it will return the true value, is there a way to automatically restrat the besclient service if the result is blank or none?



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I’m not sure it is a great idea, but you could do this by copying “TROUBLESHOOTING: Restart the BES Client Service” and adding relevance looking for the missing registration address.

I’m not sure why the actionscript for that task has “run” instead of “runhidden” though.