Reduce Besclient evaluation on startup

Is there a way to reduce the amount of resources the besclient uses at startup?

What specific issue are you looking for?

On Windows the client installs with a delayed start. Other platforms don’t have this but we can do the equivalent inside the agent with a setting (basically sleep for a period allowing the OS to complete launching.

I have certain VM clients that spin up from time to time, get saturated with Besclient requests because they have been off for a while. Trying to find a way to reduce that.

If the client has been off for a while, it will automatically fetch all of its sites again as it will be beyond the site refresh interval most likely.

The client needs to know its current on everything so it will go through everything. On Windows as mentioned the client is set to Delayed Start so it won’t start for a while, on other platforms we have a setting to simulate this but that merely pushes off the work to a bit later.

You could reduce the sleep/work settings to allow the client to go slowly to do its work too. Various methods depending on what you are trying to do but if a client has been off it has work to do to re-evaluate all of its content.

Do you mean that the besclient process is consuming too much resource, or that the user is getting Action Requests / Reboot messages / etc. based on open actions that the client is catching up on?

Sleep/Work Settings? I’m unfamiliar with that. Where can I find those settings?

Besclient process is consuming too much resources.