Redirecting stdout of a shell command to a file

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I’s like to append some output from my action script to a file on UNIX systems (Linux, Aix) and the redirect “>>” is obviously not working. I’m using the following package on the client site: BESAgent-8.2.1175.0-rhe5.x86_64.

For example I’d like to write to a file an error message to make it easier to identify the cause why the fixlet failed. Tried something like: wait /bin/sh -c "/bin/echo “There is not enough free space on directory " >> /tmp/xyz.log”.

The command executes successfully and the logfile contains:Command succeeded (Exit Code=0) wait /bin/sh -c "/bin/echo “There is not enough free space on directory " >> /tmp/xyz.log” however file /tmp/xyz.log does not exist.

I’ve checked some forum posts saying that this does not work on UNIX clients but these are a bit old. Therefore I wanted to check if this is really still the case?