Received an Invalid server URL

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I am running the Android client 9.0.10203 in an emulator. When I put the ip address of the server - even though I can resolve it in the web browser - I get “Received an Invalid server URL”. It is in the form https://x.x.x.x (tried with and without the protocol string). I do not see any log files per the troubleshooting guide and nothing in adb catlog.

Thank you!

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My understanding is that this is because I need IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices. Is that true?

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Dorothy, you need to have MDM installed, the latest version is V2.1. You will also need to deploy and iOS extender (this does enrollment for both iOS and Android devices.)

please take a look at the documentation at the above URL for more information.

Dave Langridge BEM

L2 Support TEM

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The documentation says I need Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices. I only have Endpoint Manager. A sales rep informed me I need to buy a license per client if I want the mobile device management features.

Thank you for the link! Will come in handy once I purchase the license.