Reboot regardless of baseline relevance

Hi all.

I’m pretty sure this has probably been answered in the past but I can’t find anything with my googling and searching of the forum so I figured it couldn’t hurt to start a new topic on this.

How can I setup an action using my baseline of MS patches such that it forces my servers to reboot even if the endpoints show up as not relevant? we use our patching window as an opportunity to reboot all our hosts once a month, and it sure seems like bigfix is plently powerful to do something like this, but I’m having a difficult time trying to figure it out.



you could separate out the objectives - have one open action for patching during the maintenance window, and then have another open action without relevance restrictions set to reboot towards the end of that window.

Add a second component group to the baseline with a reboot fixlet that has relevance of “true”. Baseline should do component group 1 first for all the systems that are relevant and I would think component group 2 would be relevant for all systems.