Reassign correct names - ILMT software scanning on disconnected mode on IBM i partition

Hi, good day to everyone.

A couple of weeks ago we installed an ILMT (9.2.27 version) in disconnected mode on an IBM i 7.4 partition.

After creating the package with the scan results and uploading to the BigFix interface, we noticed that in the 'Product Name" column there are software that is labeled as software related to ILMT and not to the scanned software itself.

If we manually change that names in that column (assign IBM MQ instead of IBM Licenced Metric Tool), when we upload the next scan package will the modifications stay or they will change with the new package?. If it changes every time we upload a new package, is it because ILMT is in disconnected mode, or it’s normal or there is a way to avoid it?.

Also, what does Establishment means?. Could this be changed too?. I searched a documentation that explains it, but the only ‘Establishment’ reference found is that ILMT is licensed in that way, but the IBM product?. It must be STG Tier or another? If STG Tier is correct, then why the IBM i Access Client Solutions Java Package is in Unknown mode while the one above is STG Tier?

One of the ILMT documentation pages says that I can find the products assigned to the client in a document that can be downloaded from the Passport Advantage Page. Does that document says the Product Name and Metric related to all the products installed? Or how can I know that the data that needs to be changed has been changed correctly?

Thanks in advance for your help.