RealPlayer 10.5 Available

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Has anyone tried deploying this fixlet under the “Updates for Windows Applications” site?

I am seeing a restricted user setup error when someone logs into a patched machine. Both administrators and non-administrators see the error. It seem like when an administrator logs in (even with the error), the upgrade finishes, but if a non-administrator logs in it doesn’t. I attached a screen shot of the error.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi Daryl,

Thanks for your post. After some testing, we’ve discovered that this problem has to do with the RealPlayer installer itself. Evidently the installer will pop up with the aforementioned error if it is run on any non-administrator account. It also seems to do this when no user is logged in and the update is deployed via BigFix, as you’ve seen yourself. We’re not exactly sure why the latter occurs, and we can only guess that Real never took into consideration that someone would ever want to install their Player while logged off.

We’ve added an Important Note to our Fixlet explaining this and also an “action requires login” command to each of the three Actions in the Fixlet. Unfortunately we haven’t found a better way to work around the problem, at least for now.


Sam Lam

BigFix Product Engineer