Question regarding an Action that won't install on one PC

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to push an install to a PC but fails for this one application. I can push other types of installs to this PC, and I can push this install to other types of PCs.

I’m new to the BigFix community, and use the BigFix solution in a limited capacity within our environment - more of an end user pushing installs to clients than a BigFix developer/admin.

OS: WIN 10 64-bit

Any input would be helpful.

You can check the exit code of the action to see whether the i stall gave an error number, and google for that. Otherwise try running the install manually on that endpoint and see what the error message gives. This doesn’t sound like a Bigfix issue, but a problem on the endpoint or with that installer.

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Thanks for that. You were right. Turns out the reason why is because it was already installed. This makes sense now that I take a step back and look at it from a different angle. Thanks again for your response - you were spot on.

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