Question on Baseline: How many fixlets can be added to a Baseline

Hello Guys,

What is the recommendations from HCL on how many count of fixlets can be added in to single baseline especially a Windows Patching Baseline? I would like to see the documentation for that.

This is from some content hosted by IBM in 2016 regarding using baselines for deploying Windows patches which gives a recommendation. Deploying Windows Updates via Baselines - PDF Free Download. Just as info, we use baselines in excess of 100 components with no ill effects but we have keep to below 200 and we never have our baselines in the master action site.

Instead of using baselines, there is the Patch Policy feature now available in WebUI which can negate the need for patch baselines.


What @SLB has provided is accurate and if you can leverage BigFix WebUI’s patch policy it’s recommended from a keeping your sanity stand point. Please also refer to @jgstew’s Best Practices, Tips & Tricks post.


Fresh informations are on the BigFix Wiki, too:!/wiki/BigFix%20Wiki/page/Baselines%20-%20Creating,%20Deploying,%20and%20Managing