Question - "Not Relevant" status when Action Expire

Hi everyone,

On the documentation -,Not%20Relevant,-The%20Fixlet%20that

Not Relevant
The Fixlet that this action addresses is not relevant on this machine. Before running the action, the BigFix Client checked the relevance for the action and it is no longer true or the BigFix Client checked the expiration time for the action and it is passed. Note that any intermediate status reported by a client for the actions that were not started is overwritten with “Not Relevant” at the expiration time. This is also true for a multiple action group and its component actions. For instance, if a component action of a multiple action group that was not started has reported the status of “Disk Job Limited”, then, at the expiration time the final status of the multiple action group and its component actions becomes “Not Relevant”.

Have you encountered this behavior when you deploy patches?

Scenarios I’ve tried:

Yes, you can confirm if you want by opening a case but fairly certain this is “Expected behaviour” and “by design”. The thinking being is “Pending Downloads” or any other “Pending *” actions for that matter are temporary state where it waits for that state to change to actual “active” (Running, etc) state to report status; if that “pending *” state is never overcome for whatever reason (it may be incorrect URL; it may be that you have certain condition that you want (stopping of a service or whatever) and never enters “active” state then the “expiration” is the time where the action status changes (indicates that its time has passed and it will NEVER run on the machines, i.e. “Not Relevant”). I personally think while “Not Relevant” is technically right word, it is slightly misleading because it does have connotation that the content itself was “Not Relevant” which is not true (it may have been relevant all along despite the additional action restrictions) but that is just how BigFix was set to display it…

Does happen often though - for us it’s most frequently for Java patches due to the manual prefetching.