Question: Find files uploaded by clients to the BigFix server and distribute them to another client

I try to achieve the following scenario:

  1. Agents should upload (log) files to the BigFix Server (prototype via archive manager works)
  2. Whenever a new (log) file arrived in the sha1/uploads folder, it should automatically be distributed/forwarded to another agent

I want to use the BigFix infrastructure for those tasks so I can leverage the BigFix security model for all paths.

Question 1) I can upload the files from each endpoint via the archive manager, but they all end up in individual (client) folder on the BigFix server. Is there a way to point the upload to a central folder on the BigFix server?

Question 2) If the uploaded files are in separate folders on the BigFix server, how can I find them and then distribute them to another server via the BigFix agent on that server?

Many thanks in advance.

We have the same question - did this ever get answered?
If anyone has any suggestions - would love to hear them.

Thanking you in advance.