Question about which BES installation can manage a client

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We have two BES installations, one in production and one in Dev that is only lightly used for testing new BigFix versions.

We’d like to have the Dev primary database server’s BES client be managed by the production installation’s console (so it can be included within our standard patch deployments). As it stands, we can only view the dev database server’s client from the dev environment’s console, and can’t view it from the production installation’s console.

I’ve already viewed the various registry entries that define a client’s server, relay, etc and was wondering if there was a combination of alterations that I could make to switch this over. I’ve already tried changing the Dev server’s CLIENT settings in the registry to reflect our production installation’s DNS alias (installation of the dev host name) and rebooted the server, but it didn’t work.

Any ideas or documentation that someone can point me to?


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Hey Steve,

The BigFix Agent has special knowledge to know it is on a BigFix Server and it will report locally (I believe the presence of the BigFix RootServer service makes it report locally). There isn’t a good way to get a BigFix Server agent to report to another BigFix Server.