Question about using DSA to retire a BigFix Master Server

I’m in the midst of planning to retire a BigFix Master server. They are currently replicating using DSA.

The image below is from my Test environment, and the server to be retired is VMW-TEM-TEST01 while the new server is VWT-BIGFIX01. I have already “promoted” VWT-BIGFIX01 using the masterDatabaseServerID setting under the BigFix Administration Tool, and it appears to have replicated to all the servers.

My question is … Based on the image below, after Promoting VWT-BIGFIX01 to Master status, VWT-BIGFIX01 is not replicating directly with VMW-TEM-TEST02, but rather with VMW-TEM-TEST01* (originally the Master).

When I follow the steps found at “Switching the master server” will VWT-BIGFIX01 start to replicate directly with VMW-TEM-TEST02 or is there something else I will need to do?


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You should be able to modify the replication links as desired via the interface you reference above. You can add new links (‘Link Servers’ button), or remove links per your requirements. This can technically be done before or after decommissioning one of the instances.