Question about Relevance to determine the Baseline name from a Task Action script

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I’ve been tasked with finding a way to notify Application Owners when their server(s) have been patched and are ready for Q/A.

I’ve created a Task to send an SMTP email as part of a Baseline, using an email address pulled from a setting on the Endpoint. No setting, no email sent. I’d like to include the name (among other items) of the Baseline that the Task is included in as part of the email.

Does anyone have any suggestions on Relevance Language that might provide the Baseline information from the action?

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have you tried :

values of headers “subject” of action

Another thought, but a complete hack, would be to obtain the action id from the action (id of action) or the origin fixlet if (origin fixlet id of action).

I don’t recall without testing if that will give you the member action ID or the group action. If it gives you the id of the group action/baseline then you can just get the subject header of the fixlet with that ID. If not, then you will have to search the action folder (master action site or op site), or the site folder (if you get the id of the origin fixlet: origin fixlet id of action), and then get the Subject header from that (baselines contain multiple subject headers, you’ll want the first).

Sorry to dig up an OLD thread…

Tim… did you ever figure this out?