Query SQL database but db name is on one server, database on another

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Question for the group. I have two servers; A is an application server and B is a SQL database server. Server A stores data on Server B.

In order to set the ODBC connection to query Server B using the bigfix agent I need to know the database name specifically. This is only available in a text file on Server A. So far everything works if I hard code the database name into the task. But since it’s actually a variable I’d rather not do that.

What I’d like to do is use the database name from Server A in the task applied to Server B. I don’t think this is possible any more but hoped I would think of a way. In my desperation I’ve even set the database name as a custom property in the hopes it would simplify it all but no love.

My second option is to setup a parameter action line that allows the end user to populate it directly, but again that isn’t as practical long term.

Any insight appreciated! Thanks folks.


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I’ve decided that the best approach is to make the connection originate from Server A, which has all information required to make the connection… I am not sure there is an ‘easy’ answer for what I wanted initially.

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