Query regarding TEM Client installation in Solaris Zones

(imported topic written by wolf35991)

I understand that when dealing with Solaris Zones the correct procedure is to install the Tivoli Endpoint Manager Client in the Global Zone (Zone 0).

However, upon doing this I can also see that the Client has automatically been installed (partially it seems) into the other non-global Zones.

In my non-global Zones I see that the /var/opt/BESClient directory has been created, and includes the besclient.config.default and besclient.config files, but the __BESData directory is not present.

Please would you let me know if the above description is the correct configuration that you would expect to see in the non-global Zones after installing the Client into the Global Zone? Or is my system configured incorrectly?

(imported comment written by p_wudthi)

Which is your zone type, Big zone or small zone? the other point, does the agent successfully to register to its relay. Please check the relay setting in besclient.config then stop/start BESClient process.