Query External Data Source and Store information

Hello in version 10.0.4 is it possible to query a external data source via REST api and store the output in the BigFix database? We have a ServiceNow implementation that contains department information. It’s possible to query service now and bring back the hostname and department. I would like to add department in the BigFix database so its available in the console or webui. Is this possible? I know in the past one was never supposed to add external content to bfenterprise but I am hoping things might be more flexible now. We do have the Service Now Integration site enabled.

You could write a Bigfix Fixlet that would have each client call the datasource REST API, download the result and then have the client store the result in a client setting. Then you could create a new Managed Property/Analysis that would read that client setting. There are some assumptions that all your clients will be able to reach the REST API so the solution doesn’t always work in all environments.

The alternative of having the data brought in directly into the data base is maybe possible with BigFix Insights but that would require you to deploy that app.

Or, there is this idea https://bigfix-ideas.hcltechsw.com/ideas/BFP-I-27 that I think is what you’re looking for in the Ideas backlog,

Have you looked into the new BigFix<->ServiceNow integration?

With this setup, additional properties from CMDB (cmdb_ci_computer) table can be brought into BigFix by adding them to the configuration file