Query Encryption Status Other Than BitLocker

We had a request come in from another team, Googling only gives me results for BitLocker. We have machines with things like Veracrypt as well, so is something like this possible/easy to query? I tried seeing if WMIC could do it but only found results for BitLocker.

"I am interested to learn what capabilities we have in BigFix re: inventory of encrypted volumes, specifically if we can discern what technology is used for encryption.

Of immediate concern are vulnerabilities in software published by ENC. Their self-branded software has been found on just one computer, PRO-39740. What is harder to find third-party use of the software where it is bundled with a USB drive, which is said to include Western Digital, Sony and Lexar."

I think that depends a lot on how the software exposes itself. If you can locate a WMI path, registry entry, or something like that to indicate the Encryption Status, we can help you query that from BigFix. I don’t have any Veracrypt volumes to test on, though, so you’d have to tell us where to look.

Thanks Jason,

I will dig around and report back on what I find in the registry or WMI.