Query BFI Database Using Web Service


I need to return data from the BF Inventory database using just a web service call. Is this possible (REST API??) and if so, could someone please post an example.

The specific use case is we need to automatically remove software that has not been used for 90 days or longer. I know this attribute is available in BigFix Inventory Reporting, but it will need to be part of an automated routine (script) that will add and remove Windows domain computers from AD groups.

I’m planning on using a powershell script, unless someone has a better way?


I don’t know if you can use the REST API to do what you ask, but here’s the link to the BFI REST API documentation.



So for reference, I was able to gain the required info using the following two calls.



Unfortunately you can’t get all the info in 1 call, so I’ve powershell’d it into a couple of loops and arrays.