Pushing out Windows 10 ver 1803

Ok, I need help. We have a bunch of windows 10 machines on version 1703 that need to go to 1803. I see the fixlet in the console that will get us to 1803, but it requires downloading the ISO first. I’ve downloaded the ISO already, this is where I get confused and need help on how to get this pushed out. I have 500 machines to do before October and I really need help. The ISO sits on the BigFix server and is called Windows.ISO. This is probably something simple, but I’m no expert here. If anyone can share the steps involved in plain English and in lay terms, I would be appreciative.

Thanks again.


This process as a whole is rather involved and assumes certain prerequisites, but I’ll answer your intimidate question…

Assuming you have the correct ISO, you need to first get its SHA1 hash (hopefully it matches the SHA1 listed in the fixlet; otherwise, take notice on why). Then rename the file to its SHA and copy to your BES server in \BES Server\wwwrootbes\bfmirror\downloads\sha1.

That will allow you to deploy the task, have the ISO cache on the BES, and then work its way through your Relays to your endpoints.

There is also a Staged approached and those filxlets are located on BigFix.me. Just search for Stage and you’ll see Stage1/2/3 fixlets.

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Thanks, Alexa. You’re always so helpful!!