Pulling Version from XML file

How do I get the FileVersion number from the following XML named FileVer.XML


I have tried the following:

node values of selects "/File/FileVersion" of xml document of file "c:FileVer.xml"

and gotten this as the output

(blank line)
(blank line)
Evaluation time: 1.585 ms

So some work has been done but it get nothing for the effort, like pointing your finger at a cat and saying no.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Just need to use the correct Xpath to get the text node:

node values of selects "/File/FileVersion/text()" of xml documents of files "c:\FileVer.xml"

Thanks for the quick reply, but still getting a blank return. Not seeing as I would expect

We just got BigFix online 3 weeks ago and I’m still muddling through things .I’m using the Fixlet Debugger and looking at the output pane. I’m still not sure I’m doing everything right.

I just corrected the above:

The issue was the missing \ in C:\

The relevance above now works.

I caught that, but I found my issue. Its called spelling :confounded: , Version is spelled as shown, not Veersion!

I did not copy and past your example, I just modified what I had :grimacing:.

Thanks for the nudge!