Pull local printers

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I am looking for a way in which I can pull all computers that have physically attached local printers. i was able to set up a managed property, but it is pulling everything that it thinks is a local printer lik PDF writers, MS Office documents writers, etc. I would like a way to only pull physical printers attached via LPT1 or USB. Any thoughts?

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Can you post the relevance for the property?

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Looks like we got the following to work:

(value “printer driver” of it, value “port” of it) of keys whose (value “Port” of it as string contains “LPT” OR value “Port” of it as string contains “DOT4” OR value “Port” of it as string contains “USB”) of key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Printers” of registry as string

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Good to see you got it working. I’m not able to test this right now, but it may not work with 64 bit machines that have 64 bit and 32 bit drivers.

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I just got around to trying this and it seems to work well, unfortunetly some print to PDF drivers seem to be getting through since they attach themselves to LPT1. We will probably resort to filtering the report for those entries.