Property which provide information including HotFixes

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I understand the property “Installed Application” does not include HotFixes.

I’d like to know if there are any other properties which provide information including HotFixes.

And please let me know the relevant fixlet site, if any.


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Check the “Patch Update and Rollback Information” in the Patches for Windows site (Patch Management Domain)…


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Thank you for your response, Ben.

I can get the HotFix information from the “Patch Update and Rollback Information.” analysis.

But it is a little different from the property I’m looking for.

property in the “Patch Update and Rollback Information”:

  • provides patch information of all the machines all together.
  • only provides the patch information which can be uninstalled.
  • its result is customized for using with the “Rollback task wizard”

I want the property that:

  • provides patch information machine by machine
  • provides all the HotFix information
  • doesn’t matter whether it is used for the “Rollback task wizard” or not

Does anyone know such a property?

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you can gather their uninstall strings – see this thread.

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You may also try looking into WMI calls which provide a very good list of the installed hotfixes, though it may be prohibitively slow and bog down a machine when in an analysis since it usually maxes out the CPU for a few seconds, just like when you open add/remove programs or programs and features.

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