Propagate a new masthead with the updated license

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I am new to bigFix, And just run a fresh Installation of bigFix environment.

On the License Overview, under bigFix Managment Pane I clicked on the “Check for license update” button.

since then, under “License Overview” I am getting the following messages:

The BES Server has gathered a new version of your platform license, but it has not yet been distributed to clients. The site administrator must log into BES Admin to propagate a new masthead with the updated license.

My question is: how do i “propagate a new masthead with the updated license to clients”?


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When I have seen this message I have had to log into the BES/Tivoli Endpoint Manager Administration Tool from the servers All Programs list. Once you log in with the installation Admin account it should propogate the masthead to clients.

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Thanks that worked.

message disappeared.

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I realized this action: updated the installation folders - Tivoli Endpoint Manager version 8.1.608.0 ID: 00-178 on the domain Bigfix management I check for license overview button but i have a problem that my computers client dissapear. In Deployment health checks in BES Relay health failed action site version but mi client pc is the same version of my console… ? any idea?

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In deployment information i collect information and submit to bigfix send me message is successfully to bigfix.