Programming one task to listen to another

Hi, I need to deploy a sequence of configuration tasks to a group of client PCs as below:

  1. Disable service A and prompt user to restart his PC

  2. After restarting, install application B and enable service A back.

As Step 1 required a prompt to inform user to reboot, I’m unable to place the tasks in a baseline. Also, I had to ensure that Step 2 only trigger when the PC completed reboot in Step1. Would appreciate any advice on how to accomplish this? Thanks.

@kaiser, I would strongly encourage you to look at the ServerAutomation component of the LifeCycle module. With SA you can utilize OOTB or customer fixlets, baselines and tasks as steps with defined success criteria and if necessary failback steps. There are numerous OOTB automation plans to look at as well as a SA grouping on the site. Assuming you have individual fixlets for the above described steps, then putting together an automation plan in ServerAutomation should be relatively straight forward. I hope this helps.


There are several ways to do this. Server Automation is one way.

2nd option is to create a short baseline with a few tasks in it. First task would be to disable the service, set ‘action requires restart’ and ‘restart 60’ (or whatever your deadline is). Second task would contain ‘pause while {pending restart}’. Third task would be to install your application and enable the service.

3rd option would be to disable the service, set ‘action requires restart’, set a flag (either file or registry value), and prompt the user to reboot. In your second task, include relevance for the existence of your flag and not pending restart. This could be a policy action if desired that would automatically run when the reboot of the first part is done.