Problems with restart timing

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Does anyone else still have issues with the best way to “time” restarts after pushing fixlet baselines? We have muliple baselines containing patch fixlets. Yes we could create marker files in the action scripts, so each baseline action won’t run until the previous one completes, etc… but it just seems there should be an easier way to tell BigFix to “Apply these baselines, then restart when completed”. Currently we must try and time a separate restart action and hope it doesn’t try and restart while it’s still applying updates (or with updates still pending)

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You could create a custom “Baseline Finished” fixlet/task for each baseline and set it as the last action in the baseline to set a ‘baseline x’ flag either as a line appended to a file or a create a Registry entry.

You don’t indicate how many separate baselines you have. You would need a different “Finished” fixlet for each baseline, then make a custom copy of the “Restart Required” fixlet to become relevant only after the baselines are complete. The custom Restart fixlet would need to reset each of the baseline complete flags.

This would allow a client computer to complete all the baselines in any order, then the custom restart would be able to trigger the restart once all the baselines were finished.