Problems after 10.4 upgrade

So I upgraded last week to version 10.4 of BF Patch. I’m having a lot of slow check in issues.

Some (a lot) of servers seem to just not check in for the latest updates. They don’t gray themselves out, and the timestamp is current, but still say . I know command polling has resolved that in the past, but I shouldn’t have to do that, and not sure this would fix it in this case.

Also, my relays are reporting to the wrong site and are 12 versions behind. Some report to site name "Patches for RHEL 7, and some report to site name “ActionSite”, and the rest, about half of them, are current. Of these, they are suffering from the symptom I mentioned above where they’re not checking in for actions, but are not grayed out either and have a current timestamp…

So, on one of these relay servers, I completely removed the agent, and then reinstalled the 10.4 agent. The server then did do a check in for the action i submitted to remove the relay. Once the relay was removed, I reinstalled it, and it again is reporting back to site “Patches for RHEL”… 12 version behind.

I don’t patch *nix boxes, but do have those sites enabled. But how to I get this to work? Should they be reporting to ActionSite and RHEL 7? How do I update the version so its not 12 revisions behind?

Version 10 upgrade has been a huge performance hit. OH, and also, my BES Root server, which is a Windows server, it’s agent is no longer checking in now either. So I can’t even patch my BigFix server, with BigFix.

Any help would be much appreciated. Especially since this is patch week!!


"…but still say “Not Reported”… don’t know why that didn’t show up in my message.

I think a call to the Support team is in order.

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