Problem with private key

Hi All ,

I’m trying to enable ES(enhanced security) in BESAdmin Tool, and I receive an error that says This private key does not match the site license certificate

I have license.pvk file and password, but it does not work.

How can I solve this problem?

You’ll need to find the license private key file that matches your current site certificate. The license.pvk and license.crt are a matching set. If you have multiple deployments, you’ll need to ensure you have the correct private key file to match your certificate.

Can I delete one of site certificate in database? Because I found out that I have 2 in my database.

NO! please do not edit your database directly unless directed by the Support team.

The license.crt and license.pvk are a certificate/private key pair.
If you cannot locate the license.pvk that goes with your current certificate, that is not something that we could recover. You’d need to create an entirely new BigFix deployment, with a new license.crt and license.pvk, recreate all of your custom content by exporting from the old server and importing into the new one, and then migrate all of your clients from the old server to the new deployment using a ‘masthead switch’ procedure. Along the way you need to have Relays to support clients on the old environment and new until your migration is completed.

So try very hard to locate the right pvk file. Check your backups.

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