Problem with Fixlet "RedHat Firewall is Blocking BES Traffic"

(imported topic written by Tim.Rice)

Minor issue, and I’m not sure where else to report something like this. I was looking through the “Warnings” in the BigFix Management Domain.

The Fixlet “RedHat Firewall is Blocking BES Traffic - BES Client” seems to need a slight tweak in it’s relevance.

The Relevance is looking for the a line containing “–dport 52311”, but because we use Puppet to manage portions of our Linux environment, it has used the line “–dports 52311”. For this reason, the fixlet seems to be showing Relevant when it should not be.

Another thing to consider for this fixlet, the port number used by the BES Client is configurable. Shouldn’t the fixlet take this into account as well rather than hard coding 52311 into the Fixlet?