Problem to instal the MDT Bundle Creator 3.10.5

I tried to install MDT Bundle Creator 3.10.5 on Win2016, but I am gettin the problem below.

I installed the pre riquerements, but it is not working.
MDT 2013 MDT

[Thu Jul 12 15:20:24 2018] Done!
[Thu Jul 12 15:20:24 2018] Fixing ZTIDiskUtility.vbs
[Thu Jul 12 15:20:24 2018] Script directory set to: C:\BigFixOSD\DeploymentShare\Scripts
[Thu Jul 12 15:20:24 2018] ERROR: Cannot find ZTIDiskUtilityFile.vbs at C:\BigFixOSD\DeploymentShare\Scripts\ZTIDiskUtility.vbs
[Thu Jul 12 15:20:24 2018] ERROR: Bundle Creation encountered fatal error:
Died at /<C:\Users\XXXDownloads\MDTBundleCreator-3.10.5\MDTBundleCreator-3.10.5\MDTBundleCreator64.exe>MDT/ line 984.

Died at line 112.

Is this custom content or something provided in external content?

This sounds like part of BigFix OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging.

Did you install MDT and WAIK using the OSD Dashboards, or install those prerequisites manually?